Happy Monday everyone!

I just wanted to share a little something with you.

We all want a newborn session to run smoothly and be what I like to call 'Pinterest perfect'. Sometimes, when a session doesn't quite go to plan it can be super stressful for both the parents (and I'll be honest... Sometimes the photographer)

Little Archer's session is what most would call a disaster. He was not happy at all to be my model and for three hours he certainly let me know about it, 2-year old big brother wanted absolutely nothing to do with the session or his new sibling and poor Mum and Dad were tearing their hair out.

In the end, all of our prepared set ups were put aside and we conducted the entire session in one set up as to not disturb Archer who was now finally asleep.

I really want to share the results with you so here is just a small sample.

I say all of this not to poke fun or to lay blame. Babies and children are completely unpredictable and that is ok. Things can get frantic and messy and stressful and that is ok. Sometimes the 'Pinterest perfect' session does not happen... not even slightly and that is ok.

In all honesty, I loved getting back to basics with this session and despite the stress and drama, I love what was created because of it.

Ellen and Scott, please enjoy your preview... There are plenty more for you and to all my future clients, please don't stress. It may take a little time, it may take a lot of time but we'll always work through the struggles and create beautiful memories together.

Tenille x

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