Chloe and Aaliyah

The bond between a mother and daughter is powerful one... Beyond words.

When a mother is expecting her second child, it is often a scary, overwhelming and emotional time. When you already share a bond with your first, you worry. Will I have enough love to spread between the two of them? What if I can't love my second because my heart is already full? What if I lose the bond with my first? what if I can't bond with my second?

The bond between Chloe and Aaliyah is incredible, having raised her on her own Chloe has publicly shared her worries on Facebook, about her struggles as a single mum, about the fact she's about to do it all again on her own but I tell you now Chloe, you're amazing. You're doing an incredible job and you will only grow further into motherhood with the addition of your second little princess when she arrives. Your heart will be fuller than you ever thought possible. You will love your newest addition just as you do your first. You will be so proud of Aaliyah as she grows into her role as a big sister. She will be courageous and protective just as you are.

This session was a celebration. A celebration of two beautiful young women... about to be three <3

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