Newborn Safety

Without sounding like a broken record, I want to use this blog post to highlight a few things about professional photography and especially newborn safety.

Like I’ve said in a previous post, no professional newborn photographer would ever compromise newborn safety in order to achieve a certain image. I feel like I shouldn't need to say this but some of the things that pop up on my newsfeed are alarming. Some poses will not even be attempted unless baby is 100% relaxed and in a deep sleep and babies should never be forced into a position. Babies cannot hold the weight of their own head and a spotter is always on hand in case baby startles and jolts. Most images that show babies in unsual positions are composites and while this image in particular was not a composite, you can see that Mum's finger was removed in photoshop to achieve the illusion of little Harlan just chilling in a basket :) Little Sage is fully supported by Daddy as he CANNOT hold his head upright and baby Trey is not being held up in the air by his parents, rather resting peacefully on my beanbag.

I actually cannot stress this enough. The imagery industry is not a regulated one. Anyone who's just spent their tax cheque at Harvey Norman is saying they're a photographer. There is ONE legal ACCC certified accreditation available and that is the Australian Institute of Professional Photography

Please please please do your research before putting your new baby's life in someone's hands. Make sure they're accredited, insured, immunised, trained and experienced.

T x

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