Photography feeds my children

Photography is not my hobby, it is my job.

I love my job... I love almost everything about it. I love meeting people, taking photos, processing photos, printing and packaging. It's not easy... and it is an increasingly tough industry to be in. I'm forever being told "you're too expensive" or "my friend has just bought a camera" or my personal favourite "you must have a great camera, it takes great photos"

Anyone can take a photo... even a good one but professional photography is so much more than just clicking a button. There is a reason professional photography is expensive. It's not just the equipment, or the maintenance, or the studio space, or the insurance, or the continuous training, or the accounting, or the accreditation or even taxes... but time. A one hour session with a client is a 15 hour investment of my time but at the end of it all, my client is left with some beautifully captured memories to be shared for generations.

For me, that's worth every grey hair, every tear, every cup of coffee, every moment of lost sleep and even the time away from my own family that it costs me.

I hope it's worth the investment for you <3

Our portrait package list can be found HERE

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